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"The opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences to a professional ear who can make you look at these in a way that you could not consider on your own is invaluable. To be able to make sense of what doesn’t currently make sense and that you don’t feel you have the internal power to overcome is what a professional excellent therapist can help you with. You have the power to heal but sometimes its fine to have help! Thank you"


"Aakansha is immensely talented and a pure soul. I did my tarot reading with her and it was very detailed and significant. She knows her job and i shall use her insightful reading whenever i need guidance. Highly recommended".


"This is the second reading I've been fortunate enough to receive from Aakansha and I have to say that both readings have resonated with me. They have given me the guidance and clarity I’ve been seeking. Aakansha is a gifted, intuitive reader and picked up on the energy in my connection. Her insight and words brought a tear to my eye. In the future, if I have any similar concerns then I would have no hesitation in seeking out Aakansha’s help. Overall experience.....simply spot on!! "


"Hi Aakansha I wanted to let you know that I am feeling a lot better. The meds and strategies have worked to the point that I feel stronger and am definitely heading in the right direction.Thank you for your help - the CBT element was far better this time around and definitely helped.If I feel I need to talk in the future I will get in touch but for now thank you so much. You were a lucky find!"

Previous Client

"Hey Aakansha, 
In Hindi there's a phrase which translates into the one seeking to quench his thirst goes to the well. And not the vice versa but for me,  It's been the other way round and I definitely thank my stars for it. Like the roses smell can be smelt at a distance, so is the smell of unique blend of your sensitivity, empathy and vast knowledge evident in your guidance. Thank you for sending your guidance at a much needed time. Keep shining. God bless. Stay safe, happy and successful in all areas you want and more".


"What can I say? For this gem of a reading. I swear this is the truth. I am sitting here speechless. This is TRUE to another level and no one could dive so deep in my psyche. I'm in awe of the way you read and interpret. Cards never lie it's all about the interpreter and you are amazing at your job. I swear. I'm not sugar coating it. This has given me a new found strength and new perspective. I'm going to do what I love. I don't know but you really have a blessed heart and soul.  I salute and I appreciate it and I'm more than grateful for having able to meet such a pious soul in these times of intense spiritual warfare. I won't give up!"


"I found Aakansha by chance while I was

scrolling through my social media. I have

went through for more than ten sessions of

counselling with Aakansha and I must say

that I have learnt a lot of techniques and

skills. I healed as I went along and I always

look forward to my session with her. She is

very sincere in helping her clients and I am

blessed to meet her along the way."


"You have helped me a lot in the

time we have had providing an

insightful perspective on how the

brain and body work and influence

our behaviours throughout different

stages in our lives."

Previous Client

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